Tuesday 5 May 20 – Cumulus, Stratocumulus, Cirrus

Herne Bay, light breeze and fair weather.  Cirrus dominates the skyscape with shallow streets of cumulus forming closer to the sea surface.  More clouds out at sea.

Chart and satellite picure combo show anticyclone in the North Sea and a feature analysed as an upper occlusion over the channel; there is much upper level cloud associated with this streaking past above in the upper winds.  This system just visible to the South.


Monday 4 May 20 – Towering Cumulus

Herne Bay, fine weather, cool breeze.  Morning picture, set as featured image, shows Towering cumulus out in the North Sea.

Satellite picure shows the clouds out of our coast.


Slightly hazier conditions later in the day.  Patches of cumulus and stratus form over the sea