Towering Cumulus over the London Array

Towering cumulus over the London Array, outer Thames Estuary.  Complex low pressure lies over the North Sea countries.  Watnall balloon suggest unstable to sea surface temperatures with drying up at about 15,ooo ft.  AVHRR image, 1420Z, picks out this development at the end of a cumulus boundary running through the south east.

March 2016 – a little cold on the North Kent Coast

UKMO monthly climate summaries report that March 2016 was a little cold in the UK based past history.

The temperature extremes in Scotland make good reading: maximum overall UK temperature of $latex 18.7 ^{o}C$ in Braemar and minimum of $latex -8.7 ^{o}C$ not far away at Altnaharra.

The climate comparisons are different according to which region and data you look at.  Residents of Kent will note that the North coast was colder than average by $latex -1 ^{o}C$ whereas the South coast was average when compared to data from 1981-2010 .  The same comparison run on 1961-1990 data reveals a normal month for the North Coast and warmer than average conditions by $latex 1^{o}C$ for the South.

Whistable and Herne Bay residents will recognise this picture but will also look forward to the high temperatures we expect in the Thames Estuary during the summer, when the region wins the sunshine race hands down.